Most safaris, in the way we think about them are in Africa. It’s really just their word for walkabout or holiday or vacation, except that they traditionally include wildlife viewing–namely of the Big 5–as well as camping and glamping in the bush. However, if you are looking for this kind of experience in another continent, such as hiking around the Amazon, the Galapagos, trekking through Nepal, or (name your sweet spot).

For now we are going to start with Africa and look to build this out over time with other continents.

The Big Five. This is pretty much a buzz word in safari language so make sure you know what it means. The Big Five Game are:
African Elephant
African Lion
Black Rhino
African Leopard
Cape Buffalo

Okavango Delta. Dude. This place is special. We both went here about a decade ago and a family safari in South Africa through Rothschild. This isn’t even a delta. It’s not even on the coast. Water floods this spot in Botswana every year and turns pretty much an empty waterless grassland into this lush habitat. Then it’s gone.

Not to be missed.

Serengeti. A grassland region flowing through Kenya and Tanzania, home to rich wildlife and is often the name people think of when they think of wildlife in Africa.

Coasts to Jungles of Namibia. Namibia kind of has it all. Ghost beaches, jungles, mountains, lakes. Many just do trips solely in this country as there is so much to do and so much of it is untouched as this is one of the least populated countries on the planet, especially for its size.

Morocco Desert. The land of Paul Bowles (or near to it, but you get the point). Flatlands of expansive horizons and romantic solitude. A totally different feel, vibe and landscape from Eastern Africa.

Gorilla Safari. Gorillas in Africa are mainly concentrated in Uganda and Rwanda. There are many different ways to view them in their natural habitat through guided safaris.

Kruger. Kruger National Park is in the extreme northeast corner of South Africa on the border with Mozambique, and this is one of the most premier African safari destinations in all of Africa. You are certain to see all of the Big Five.

Kilimanjaro. The highest point in all of Africa at 19,341 feet, Big K is a dormant volcano in Tanzania and is an often visited and well-traveled spot on safari in Africa. Typically takes 6 days to summit and then 1-2 to descend and you must have sherpas for the trip who hike ahead and set up camp for when you arrive. Pretty excellent, if not decadent.