There is literally no end to the places that you can hike, even Oklahoma. Anything that has some challenging uphills and provides some sort of vista or something to look at, likely qualifies. So we aren’t here to debate what is or isn’t. I think we all know. What we are here to do is collect all of the great places we know about that are rockstar places to do on vacation that are either challenging, beautiful, or both.

Mt Everest. First off, a teensy bit above a hike. Second, we hate this part of our world and discourage the summit of this mountain. Spend your money elsewhere. Please.

14ers of Colorado. The 14ers are the 53 peaks in Colorado that are above 14,000 feet. This is a noted challenge for many people to complete as many as they can and for some, complete them all in as short a time as possible. The Maroon Bells and the Collegiate Peaks are often day trips for those in Aspen and Buena Vista.

Appalachian Trail. This hike runs between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine, and is a common favorite for all mountain goers. Not all in the mountains, but plenty of it is. A phenomenal hike with tons of spots along the trail for respite.

Wow. Not Sure How Many to List at This Point. There are tons of states that are great for hiking, tons of mountains, tons of national parks, tons of state parks. Tons of day trips and multi-day trips. Too many to mention. We will figure out a smarter way to organize this page as we are building up our information. Cause this one is just huge.